Art tutorials you can do right now with materials around the house

Animation Wheels with heavy paper / cardstock, a dowel or pencil to spin on, pencil and eraser for drawing, a large blank wheel template. Optional watercolour pencil crayons and pastels to colour your design with.

Crazy Quilt Collage with scrap paper, newspaper, markers, glue, coloured pencil crayons, pastels, and scissors.

Still Life Tutorial with pencil, paper and objects to sketch

Negative Space Tutorial with paper and coloured pencils or pastels

Perspective Tutorial with coloured construction paper, scissors, pencil, ruler and glue. Part 1 of our Drawing Basics Tutorial Series.

Chairs Pop-Up Tutorial with paper, pencil, coloured pencils and scissors

October Beasts using white on black process with white pencils and black paper

Canada Jay textured cut outs with paper, scissors and pencils

Tree Ring Collage with markers/pencils, recycled/construction paper, scissors, glue, and yarn

Maple Leaf Rubbings with paper, pencils/pencil crayons/pastels, erasers, and leaves

Art tutorials requiring art supplies

3D Animal Casting with 1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1 cup Plaster of Paris, water, mixing bowl, plastic toy animals or other objects that you would like to cast

Fabric Tapestry with 12 squares of 3x3” fabric: 6 white and 6 coloured / patterned, fabric backing: we used a 9x12” piece of felt, glue and brush to attach the squares with, scissors if you wish to cut your squares smaller. Optional: needle and thread if you choose to sew your tapestry (not shown in the video)

Stamping with ink pad, paint, brush, marker, scissors, tape, foam, acetate, and paper

Acrylic Painting with brushes, pencil, paper with wheel and grid, and primary colour paints

Drawing gestures with brown & black paper, soft & hard pencils,Conté, and wood model 

Windchimes and sound art with dowel/stick, metal tubes, forks/keys/beads/bells, and string

Watercolour with paper, paint pan or tubes, brushes, pen, pencil, and eraser

Sculpture with clay block, wooden or metal tools for scoring, and water

Art and History @ Home. Closer looks at Museum artworks with activities for adults

Owls: look at a Kenojuak Ashevak owl print, learn about her art and take an owl quiz

Flowers: look at a Kate Taylor Cumming painting, learn more about her art, take a flower quiz

Birds: look at a Will Gorlitz painting, learn more about his art, and colour a bird zentangle

Imagination Station @ Home. Children’s activities based on our art and history works

Owls: look at a Kenojuak Ashevak owl print, learn about the artist and make an owl

Spring Flowers: look at a Kate Taylor Cumming painting, learn about the artist, make a daffodil

Sudsy Soap: look at a nurse figurine and have fun with soap and bubble activities

Birds: look at a Will Gorlitz painting, become a backyard birder, try some bird-making art

Puzzles of art works and historic artifacts from our collections

Edward Weston photograph:  “Tepotzlan, Mexico, 1924”

Music Box Chair, Before 1910

William Hamilton with Graflex camera photograph, mid-20th century

Hallowe’en Post Card, 1911

Clare Bice painting: View from St. Paul’s Cathedral, undated

James Hamilton painting: Forks of the Thames, circa 1850

Mildred Peel painting: Breton Farmyard, circa 1885

Paul Peel painting: The Wreck, 1884

Paul Peel painting: The Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario, 1883