Welcome to Museum at Home! While we're temporarily closed, we're bringing Museum London activities, art, and history to you each week with this series of both relaxing and engaging activities. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more! 

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This Week's Activities:

  • #BetweenArtAndQuarantine challenge (scroll down)
  • Learn more about the artist, Kate Taylor Cumming. Her painting from our collection is below.
  • Take a flower quiz to test your knowledge

Calm Corner Activities:

From the Collection

Two Daffodils and One Red Tulip, shown below, measures only 3.2 cm, or about the length of your ring finger! The artist used watercolour paint which is notoriously difficult to control because of the unpredictable way it will take to the paper. Rather than a traditional still life vase of flowers she gives us this little droplet of spring flowers in bloom. Kate Taylor Cumming, was from Ingersoll, Ontario. Born in 1889, she studied at the Detroit College of Art, and the Ontario College of Art. She became an accomplished and awarded artist, and painted  miniature watercolour portraits, and flowers all her life while also being a wife and mother of three. Museum London owns 106 of her works which are available to view on our collections website click here.

Cumming Kate Taylor Two Daffodils And One Red Tulip C 1943 001 A 45 Lln Re Sized

Kate Taylor Cumming (Canadian, 1889-1971), Two Daffodils and One Red Tulip, circa 1943, watercolour on paper, Collection of Museum London, Gift of the Kate Taylor Cumming Memorial Collection, 2001


People around the world have taken up the challenge of reproducing Museum works at home from the Getty Museum to the Rijksmuseum. 

Let’s give it a try Museum Londoners! Browse our Collections website here and share your creations by posting and tagging us on social media using @MuseumLondon #MuseumLdn . 

In time for Mother’s Day on Sunday, we have an example for you below. 

Image: Bernard De Hoog (Dutch, 1867-1943), Interior Scene: Mother Knitting with two Daughters and Baby, undated, oil and canvas, Collection of Museum London, Gift of the Estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Stratton, London, Ontario, in memory of her husband, John Bland Stratton, 2002

Reproduction: “Denise, Camille, and Natalie” Credit: Mike Ditty