Welcome to Imagination Station @ Home! While we're temporarily closed, families can continue making art with us each week with this series of fun arts and crafts activities. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more! 

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It’s getting warm this week so we thought we’d look at a sunny owl from the arctic made by Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak. She is one of Canada’s most beloved artists and is especially known for her drawings of owls.

When you think of owls, what do you imagine?  They are large birds that like to hunt at night, so this brightly coloured Kenojuak owl in the sun is a cheery change. Kenojuak would have used Inuit words we also use in English including igloo, and kayak. The Inuit word for a snowy owl is ukpik. These owls in the arctic have all white feathers, so the artist has used colour as well as shapes to show us how she feels. Draw your favourite animal using colour to show how it makes you feel.

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Image: Kenojuak Ashevak(Canadian, 1927-2013), Sun Owl and Foliage, 1979, lithograph on paper, Collection of Museum London, Gift of Richard & Beryl Ivey, Toronto, 2007