Welcome to our first Imagination Station @ Home! While we're temporarily closed, families can continue making art with us each week with this series of fun arts and crafts activities. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more! 

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Take a look at Will Gorlitz's painting "Playing the Part", below. He makes us feel like we are lying on the ground looking up into the trees.  How many birds do you see? What are they doing? What do you think is happening here? Some people feel like this painting is a dream, do you agree? What name would you give it? Try drawing a scene as though you were lying on the floor or ground looking up. Here are some more bird activities:

Gorlitz Will Playing The Part 1986 93 A 78 Copy

Will Gorlitz, Playing the Part, 1986, oil on canvas, Collection of Museum London, Gift of John Labatt Limited, London, Ontario, 1993