It is now generally acknowledged that human activity is instigating dramatic environmental changes at an unprecedented scale. The growing awareness of global warming and other widespread effects of human activity have given rise to the notion that we currently live in a period which should be known as “the Anthropocene.” Yet what are the implications of adopting such a label, and what does living in the Anthropocene entail? GardenShip and State is an ongoing interdisciplinary project with art at its core that seeks to explore, and imagine responses to, the complex and uncertain challenges facing humans and other life forms on a rapidly changing planet Earth.

The public is invited to an inaugural workshop in which the Canadian and international artists and scholars comprising GardenShip and State will present their work, their ideas, and their aspirations for the project, which will generate an ambitious exhibition at Museum London in 2021. This workshop is conceived as a creative contribution to GardenShip and State, and will emphasize the importance of thinking, imagining, and producing collaboratively.

Artists: Ron Benner, Lori Blondeau, Sean Caulfield, Paul Chartrand, Michael Farnan, Jamelie Hassan, Sharmistha Kar, Mark Kasumovic, Patrick Mahon, Mary Mattingly, Quinn Smallboy, Ashley Snook, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Wilson

Scholars: Amelia Fay, Joan Greer, Andrés Villar

This is a partnership program with the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities, and Western Arts & Humanities.

Image Credit: (L to R)

Mary Mattingly, Swale, ongoing
Sharmistha Kar, We are together in these ways, 2015.
Lori Blondeau, Michael Farnan, Adrian Stimson, Pilgrims of the Wild, 2016

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