Keynote Speaker – yet to be confirmed

Spoken Word Performances: Come and immerse yourself in powerful performances by local poets showcasing original slam poetry that beautifully captures the essence of black history, excellence, culture, identity and challenges.
Live Musical Vibes: Enjoy the soulful sounds of local musicians, creating a vibrant atmosphere to complement the event.
Community Panel Discussion: Join us for an enlightening conversation featuring community leaders, artists, and educators. Explore the meaningful dialogue surrounding the challenges and significance of Black History Month.

Black History Slam is not just for the black community; it's for everyone who believes in the power of unity and celebration. We invite individuals of all backgrounds to join us in commemorating the shared history and contributions that have shaped our collective narrative.

Diverse Voices, Shared Stories: Our event embraces diversity, recognizing that celebrating black history is a celebration for everyone. Be a part of an inclusive space where various voices come together to weave a tapestry of shared stories and experiences.

Free event: Take advantage of this unique celebration. RSVP - seats are limited!