Be Kind

· Respect our staff, volunteers, and the other people around you.

· Eat in the restaurants or in the garden outside — no food and drinks in the galleries.

· Check umbrellas, backpacks, and large personal items in the coat room.

Be Safe

· Look but don’t touch the displays. Oils and contact can damage art and artifacts.

· Take it slow — no running.

· Use pencil if you’re sketching or making notes.

Be Thoughtful

· Look closely at the artworks and artifacts on display and enjoy the experience:

  • What do you see?
  • What do you think?
  • What do you wonder?

Our Commitment

Museum London provides an environment and services that respect the dignity, self-worth, and human rights of every individual and is free from any form of violence, discrimination, or harassment.

We will not tolerate acts of violence, discrimination, or harassment perpetrated against or by any employee, contractor, volunteer, or member of the public utilizing Museum London services and space.