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The Canada Life Making Art Creating Community Program is a unique out-of-the-classroom learning experience for students identified as coming from high needs schools. Arts education cultivates the whole person for lifelong learning and productivity; all children deserve to have this opportunity. Museum London has offered the Canada Life Making Art Creating Community Program as part of its educational programming since 2003.

Unlike a traditional school trip where students come for a single visit, the Canada Life Making Art Creating Community Program consists of three half-day visits to Museum London during which students take part in hands-on studio projects and tour the exhibitions. For most of the students this is their first visit to the Museum.

The opportunity for students to work with a real artist is an important aspect of the Program. Each Program instructor develops a unique set of hands-on workshops. All materials used are non-toxic and user friendly. With art creation as the focus, students learn techniques and theory that encourage higher order thinking skills and gain an understanding of the value of their place in the world. Throughout the workshops students make both individual and collective artwork.

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