A school visit to Museum London offers an immersive, curriculum-based experience for students based upon the region’s art and history. Teachers can choose from grade-specific programming led by experienced tour guides who will engage students with exhibitions featuring artifacts and art from the museum’s extensive collections and featured visiting exhibitions.

School tours and programs are offered throughout the school year (October-June), Tuesday to Friday (9:30am – 2:30pm).

Contact Devon Elliott, Curator of Education, for more information: delliott@museumlondon.ca

Art Tours

All art tours meet expectations in the Ontario elementary visual arts curriculum.


Kindergarten Tour (JK and SK)

During this fun introduction to the museum, students participate in a variety of games, activities and stories. Tours focus on line, shape and colour. Time: 30-45 minutes Cost: $4.00/student

Primary Tour (Grades 1 to 3)

During this interactive tour of original art, students learn about a variety of elements and principles, which depending on grade, may include: primary, secondary, warm, cool, light and dark colours; different kinds of lines; geometric and organic shapes; texture, space, contrast, repetition, rhythm and variety. Time: 1 hour Cost: $4.00/student

Junior Tour (Grades 4 to 6)

On this interactive tour of original art, students learn about a variety of elements and principles, which depending on grade, may include: monochromatic and complimentary colours; the emotional quality of lines; symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes; positive and negative space; emphasis, balance and proportion. Time: 1 hour Cost: $4.00/student

Intermediate Tour (Grades 7 to 8)

During this interactive tour of original art, students learn about a variety of elements and principles, which depending on grade, may include: analogous and tertiary colours, expressive lines, the visual weights of forms, real and illusory textures, one and two point perspective, unity, harmony and movement. Time: 1 hour Cost: $4.00/student


Understanding Art (Grades 9 to 12)

Museum London’s tour guides provide interactive tours of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking about Canadian art and artists. Time: 1 hour Cost: $5.00/student

Studio Programs

Please note: all studio programs are 1 hour long (except for the Kindergarten studio which is 30-45 minutes) and cost $2.00/student. Studio programs must be booked with one of the art tours. Studio programs are only available for elementary students.

Getting into Shape with Art! (Kindergarten)

Students create a colour resist using crayons and paints. Emphasis is on different types of lines, shapes and colours.

Abstract Painting (Primary Grades)

Students create an abstract painting utilizing geometric and organic shapes. Emphasis is on primary and secondary colours, shapes, painting skills and an understanding of the differences between abstraction and realism.

Art and Emotion (Primary Grades)

Students create two contrasting paintings, one with warm colours and one with cool colours. Emphasis is on how colours evoke different ideas and feelings.

Plasticine Painting (Primary Grades)

Students learn how to create secondary colours from primaries using plasticine, which they apply to create a small picture. Emphasis is on colour theory, texture and composition.

Practicing Printmaking (Primary and Junior Grades)

Students design and create their own printing block to make individual and collective artwork. Emphasis is on shapes, positive and negative space, repetition and rhythm.

Mixed Media (Primary & Junior Grades)

Students create a picture using a variety of media. Emphasis is on contrast, balance and variety.

Paper Sculpture (Junior & Intermediate Grades)

Students create an abstract low relief paper sculpture. Paper sculpture manipulation techniques are explored. Emphasis is on shape, form, movement, variety and unity.

Clay Sculpture (Junior and Intermediate Grades)

Students plan, design and build a sculpture using clay that expresses an idea, concept or emotion. Emphasis is on proportion, balance and harmony.

Limitless Landscapes (Junior and Intermediate Grades)

Students create a landscape painting using watercolours. Emphasis is on perspective, focal point and rhythm.

Drawn to Art (Junior and Intermediate Grades)

Students sketch in a gallery space, focusing their attention on a particular artwork. Emphasis is on proportion, perspective and shading.

Abstract Painting (Intermediate Grades)

Students use three irregular shape templates to create a monochromatic or complementary abstract painting. Emphasis is on balance, variety and repetition.

Making Monoprints (Intermediate Grades)

Students make a preliminary sketch and then a prepare a plate to print. Emphasis is on symbols, unity and movement.