Do you recognize the names Millicent Giddens, Edward Phelps, or Dr. J. Malcolm Smith? You might if you have ever read the artifact credit lines in Museum London’s many different historical exhibitions. Each of these Londoners was an avid collector and made significant donations of objects to the museum. This small exhibition features highlights from their larger  collections. 

In 1973, Londoner Millicent Giddens donated her collection of glass, ornamental dishware, and china figurines. Phelps, a librarian and history buff, collected objects and ephemera that captured aspects of London's and the region's history. As for Dr. J. Malcolm Smith, he fuelled his love of collecting objects from and about London.

While all three are now gone, their important legacy lives on through the many artifacts they donated to the museum.

Left to Right:
J. C. Billingham Department Store Trade Card, Late 19th Century. Gift of Edward Phelps, 2001.
Imperial Cones Dispenser, Mid-20th Century. Gift of Dr. J. Malcolm Smith, 1999.
Thousand Eye Three Panel Goblet, Late 19th Century. Gift of Millicent Giddens, 1973.