Centre at the Forks window, nighttime

Southwest Seen features the commission of three new digital media works by artists connected to this region. Projections by Calla Moya and Racquel Rowe were featured during the winter and spring with Jude Abu Zaineh’s video FORMations concluding Southwest Seen

FORMations reflects the natural ecology of Southwestern Ontario’s food and flora. Abu Zaineh’s video focuses on isolated samples of the earth, collected plant species, and leftover foods within a petri dish. The footage captures the blooming of microbial and bacterial organisms that naturally exist within these samples, making visible that which is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 

Southwest Seen is a partnership with Windsor-Detroit’s Media City Film Festival (MCFF), which is hosting the  works online from July 10 to August 10. Partners include MCFF’s Artistic Director Oona Mosna; the London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) (Christine Negus); and jury members Evond Blake (aka MEDIAH), Anahí González Terán, and Amanda Myers/Kitaay Bizhikikwe.

Note: During private events and on statutory holidays the projections will not be on view. You can call ahead to double check.

Image: Jude Abu Zaineh, FORMations, 2022. Single/two-channel digital video. Courtesy the Artist.

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