June 6, 2023, marks the solemn second anniversary of the Islamophobic tragedy that claimed the lives of Talat Afzaal (74), Salman Afzaal (46), Yumnah Afzaal (15), and Madiha Salman (44) in London. In commemoration of this heartbreaking event, London artist Aruba Mahmud, in collaboration with the Youth Coalition Combating Islamophobia (YCCI), has spearheaded a powerful community art project.

Throughout April, YCCI conducted inclusive workshops across London, inviting community members to share messages of remembrance, love, and healing on purple wooden hexagons. The color purple was Yumnah's favorite and the hexagons represent the unity and solidarity of the community in fostering healing and rebuilding. These message-bearing hexagons have been thoughtfully selected to create a large-scale mural, illustrating the resolute stance of Londoners against Islamophobia.

The art exhibition, aptly titled London Remembers, serves as a poignant embodiment of the core principles upheld by YCCI—a collective of Muslim youth and their adult mentors who have established a platform to raise their voices, demand change, and combat Islamophobia. Through engaging workshops, impactful events, and valuable educational resources, YCCI empowers others to join the cause and advocate for a more inclusive and tolerant society.

By recognizing that Islamophobia exists in daily acts of prejudice as well as in horrific acts of violence, we can bring about positive change. By doing the work of confronting and changing our own biases, we can dismantle Islamophobia together.

About YCCI:
The Youth Coalition Combating Islamophobia (YCCI) is a passionate collective of Muslim youth and their adult mentors, dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for change, and combating Islamophobia. Through workshops, events, and educational resources, YCCI strives to empower individuals and communities to stand against prejudice and discrimination.

Image: London Remembers installation view (detail)