Ross Bell
Chief Preparator
ext. 4231

Julie Bevan
Executive Director

Anita Bidinosti
Curator of Public Programs
ext. 4261

Emily Clink
Acting Volunteer Services and Assistant Events Coordinator
ext. 4263

Devon Elliott
Curator of Education
ext. 4266

Janette Cousins Ewan
Art Registrar
ext. 4269

Cassandra Getty
Curator of Art
ext. 4227

Krista Hamlin 
Curatorial Assistant, Exhibitions and Collections
ext. 4230

Andrew Kear
Senior Curator and Head of Collections, Exhibitions, and Programs
ext. 4272

Chuck Kitt
ext. 4225

Amber Lloydlangston
Curator of Regional History
ext. 4275

Kerry Logan
Retail Services
ext. 4232

Janice Lopes
A/R Accounting Assistant
ext. 4237

Lisa McDougall
Events Coordinator
ext. 4265

Melanie McIlmoyle
Curatorial Assistant, Programming and Engagement
ext. 4221

Cydna Mercer
Head of Administration
ext. 4244

Sarah Munro
Coordinator of Youth, Family, and Outreach Programs
ext. 4261

Linda O'Connor
Head of Marketing and Development
ext. 4242

Kristen Odegaard
Design Specialist
ext. 4262

Mitra Shreeram
Marketing Coordinator
ext. 4246

Mardi Tiesma Stewart
A/P Accounting Clerk/Supporter Coordinator
ext. 4235

Kaylee Whitcroft
Director of Finance
ext. 4239

Kevin Zacher
Historical Museums Registrar
ext. 4251