This exhibition features 22 works by Canadian artists whose sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs convey a sense of abandonment, silence and ruin. Are the works depictions of real places and states, or do they suggest someone's uneasy memories?

Selected prints from Carl Zimmerman's series Lost Hamilton Landmarks (1997) imagine near-deserted remnants of a seemingly colossal yet now fading architectural and cultural past. East Wing Mausoleum, Woodlawn Cemetery, Power Plant, Mount Hamilton Hospital, and Wading Pool are photographs of the artist's handmade dioramas that place his birth city's built history on a level with ancient symbols of power such as Rome's Pantheon and Colosseum. Fern Helfand's Atomic Bomb Dome (1984) and Tony Scherman's Ciao Gaia (2005) are unsettling in another, more obvious way, suggesting our potential destiny by depicting the utter destruction wrought by nuclear war.