Graham's work blurs the boundaries between art, architecture, urban design and geography exploring concepts of authenticity and inauthenticity, materiality and intangibility, fact and fiction. The London Series, uses cartography as a starting point for the development of a body of work that analyses geographical perspectives about London, Ontario. Graham uses historical maps of London to interject a new narrative into the history of the city by displacing historical meaning. The series functions as a re-presentation of historical fact that offers a new outlook for a future that never was but might have been, for a present that might not appear to be what it is and a past that is filled with new possibilities. For Graham the map is an element of its own re-creation as new landscapes—geography and the cartography used to describe it is a matter of perspective. The London Series is part of an ongoing project entitled Citymovement, a multidisciplinary project that examines and documents how we shape and are shaped by systems through the development and presentation of product design objects and prototypes that explore the boundaries between art, design, urban form and architecture.