Interior Gallery, second level

This vibrant exhibition will help you discover some of the cultural reasons behind why we interpret primary colours—red, yellow, and blue—the ways we do. Bringing together historical artifacts from the Museum London collection as well as works of art by artists including Lynne Cohen, Greg Curnoe, and Alexander Calder, the exhibition asks how these colours are used to communicate practical information, impart ideas and ideologies, and convey moods and emotions. 

What thoughts come to mind when you think of a red dress, for instance. For some, it might suggest luxury and privilege; others see love, but also injustice. What can we learn from this? That the collective “meanings” of a colour shift depending on cultural and historical context. A family friendly exhibition, Red! Yellow! Blue! also highlights our very individual responses to these colours by incorporating interactive elements that engage the senses.We hope you share your thoughts on how these colours make you feel and also learn about the beautiful and intriguing objects from our collection.                        


Red Satin Shoes, circa 1900, Gift of Mr. W.D. Wills, London, Ontario, 1962 | Michael Snow, Red Head, 1963. Oil on canvas. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moore, London, Ontario, through the Ontario Heritage Foundation, 1978.