Danger and Aftermath is a salon-style installation of the latest photography by Larry Towell, a Bothwell-based photographer and the first Canadian member of the renowned cooperative Magnum Photos. Featured works from a number of series explore dire conflicts over issues of land, control and identity in Gaza, the West Bank, and in Lebanon. Towell's views of the 9/11 tragedy lead as well as more recent imagery of an embattled Afghanistan are also featured.

Danger and Aftermath is in fact the first public exhibition of the Afghanistan series. The photos capture the turmoil caused by longstanding war, corruption and displacement; the peril of landmines, and the mushrooming of addiction. Large-scale prints and panoramas create an almost immersive experience, with the content - victims of war, ruins, detainees and insurgents - having even greater impact.

Towell studied art at York University in Toronto. Volunteer work in Calcutta led him to work as an independent photographer and writer. In the 1980s, while in Nicaragua with a human rights delegation, he committed himself to photographing issues of unrest, identity and landlessness. His award-winning camera work has been included in many magazines, as well as in many publications, including more than a dozen books. Towell has also recorded several CDs of original poetry and songs.