While the intensification of forensic detail in contemporary media has dramatized a resurgence of conviction in the infallibility of science, popular consciousness has simultaneously sustained a deepening skepticism of claims to objective truth. Within this climate of the ambiguity of empirical evidence and elusiveness of knowability, "crime-solving" has become a dominant cultural trope. The attentiveness to the documentation of experience and the potential for latent meaning has also been reflected in contemporary art. Krimiseries introduces a series of installations by international artists that offer ways of thinking about the nature of evidence, teasing open the space between signifier and signified. The projects of RAQS Media Collective (Delhi, India), Deimantas Narkevicius (Vilnius, Lithuania), Stih and Schnock (Berlin, Germany), Mac Adams (New York, USA), and Susan Schuppli (London, Ontario) take as their impetus a shared way of knowing, seeking to reconstruct contingent events using fragmentary evidence. Each work suggests lingering questions, subtly transposing the forensic imagination as methodology within creative practice.