Epics of visual speculative fiction, the drawings of London artist Kim Moodie seem to flow as streams, of dark yet humorous creativity, from an escape valve in the artist’s imagination. The artist’s particular narratives and inspirations ultimately remain with him but within the work the adventure is ours.

All But Not presents Moodie’s latest drawings, including loans from public and private collections. They are some of his largest, most detailed works to date and are complemented by smaller-scale icons in raw grisaille. Moodie’s weird subjects, each astounding in their meticulous depiction—leap from the page to assert their own irreverent personalities and take viewers on a journey into the heart of horror vacui.

An artwork has a life of its own modified by decisions, contemplated or intuitive, made during production and further mediated by the viewer. Therefore Moodie’s works have a sense of melancholy, in his words: “as if there is never enough, not but all, all but not.”