This exhibition offers a survey of works by the Guelph-based artist Janet Morton. Her intricately detailed sculptures give pause for thought, paying homage to the skill and time required to create hand-made objects, resisting and subverting the speed and insatiable demand for the mass produced and ready made. Through her consistent use of recycled materials, largely in the form of hand-knit sculptures, repurposed handicrafts, and more recently plastic consumer packaging, Morton has produced an eclectic body of work. Each familiar and recognizable offer a simple yet sophisticated commentary on home and the environment.

Tangled features the formidable installation overgrown, a sprawling knit-work of flowing vine that trails up and along gallery galleries, as well as several new works such as accumulus nimbus, cloud of consumer packaging.

Morton has exhibited extensively in group and solo exhibitions across Canada since 1992. Visitors may recall her work Cozy, a large knitted cover for her former home, which was installed on the lawn of Museum London in the fall of 2005.