Interior Gallery, Second Level

The enigmatic work of lens-based artists Colin Carney and Amy Friend comes together to offer viewers new relationships between fact and fiction. Their experimental photography takes us on an exploration of physical space, time, and memory.

While their conceptual and aesthetic concerns are similar, Carney and Friend produce their imagery using different methods. Each artist disrupts conventional understandings of photographic representation. Carney’s forested scenes transcend the pared-down symbols long used to define Canadian cultural identity. Friend also unmoors imagery from expected associations, allowing the viewer to conjure new narratives. 

This exhibition celebrates the innovative practices of artists from this region. Carney resides in Guelph and is an instructor at the University of Guelph and Western University. Originally from Windsor, Friend lives in St. Catharines, where she is Associate Professor and Chair of Visual Arts at Brock University. 

Image: Amy Friend, Water Orrery, from the series Multi-verse (2018-ongoing). Photographic print on archival cotton rag paper. Courtesy of the Artist.