This projection takes place during the nights of Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23 on the outdoor screens at the Centre at the Forks (behind Museum London). 

The video work, WallPaper, counters the mindset that helped inspire the fashionable Chinoiserie decorative floral patterns, originating in the 18th century. Chinoiserie was born from the idea of Orientalism, a fictional cultural, geographical and social order constructed by the West as means for exacting control and domination over the Other.

The flowers in WallPaper are videotaped over the course of one year from real plants grown in the artist's own garden. Through digital manipulation and editing, these florals are configured and presented as moving wall paper patterns replete with strange and hybridized plant creatures that resist simple categorization.

Image: Ed Pien, "Wallpaper" (still from video), 2013, single channel video, 16 minutes, Edition of 5