This group exhibition of contemporary art examines issues of memory and time, through personal narratives and larger, shared histories. Works in diverse media re-visualize specific experiences or invite viewers to construct their own associations. Each selection is intriguing in its consideration of the inventive ways in which aspects of the past are literally and figuratively archived, mediated, and expressed.

The exhibition includes works by Barbara Astman, Michael Bidner, Parker Branch, Colin Carney, Stan Denniston, Amy Friend, Wyn Geleynse, Maggie Groat, Natalie Hunter, Cyndra MacDowall, Myfanwy MacLeod, Charlotte Moth, Allison Rossiter, and Susan Schüppli. Ephemera is often emphasized in their practices through personal photographs, correspondence, postcards, advertisements, and a range of found objects. The familiarity of such items allows for multiple readings. From Stan Denniston’s shattered views of Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas, site of the Kennedy assassination, to the almost otherworldly recasting of mirrors or vintage photographs by Maggie Groat and Amy Friend, the works in this exhibition explore what we remember, how we remember, and the motives behind this universal activity.