This exhibition follows a retrospective thread, displaying an array of paintings, drawings and more sculptural works dating from the early 1970s to the present. It continues the interpretation of Vincent’s practice, situating her as an important senior artist who has contributed much to London’s culture.

Already well-known for her representation of domestic themes, this project emphasizes Vincent’s increasing inclusion of abstraction within landscapes-- often, roadways and fields-- that are otherwise more straightforward in approach. Works from Museum London’s vaults and loans from private and public collections illustrate her involvement with high realism, and her visions of regional and postmodern space.

Time and Travels also encompasses some of Vincent’s most recent works, such as the Changing Cities series (2009-11), which documents the shifting face of downtown London, distinguished by construction cranes and rising condominium buildings. It also includes atmospheric views of lonely thoroughfares, seasons within mostly uninhabited terrain, and other panoramas that reveal more emotional content.