Organized by curator Corinna Ghaznavi, this exhibition proposes a variety of ways that we can think about animals through representations.

Representations of animals attempt to inhabit their consciousness, while others document the stark reality of animal survival in a world dominated by the humans. Animal bodies, in plaster, steel and bronze emphasize the very real presence of animals, and bring their living reality into dialogue with imaginative and philosophical considerations.

The Animal of the title refers to material bodies, object, idea, living being, or classification. It incorporates the complex forms that inhabit the world and include all things living, from human animal to bat to mammal. The exhibition features work by artists: Lois Andison, Kenn Bass, Dagmar Dahle, Tom Dean, Rebecca Diederichs, John McEwen, Arnaud Maggs, Lyndal Osborne, Su Rynard and An Whitlock. Together their works invoke systems of categorization and nomenclature, evolutionary theory and extinction, which lead us to consider how thinking around the natural world has formed our relationship to it.

ANIMAL demonstrates the close and yet illusive relations between human and non-human animal, philosophy and material bodies, and between history and contemporary lived experience.