Brownlee Windows, lower level

In a 2023/2024 pilot project, students from three local high schools collaborated with Museum London staff to create three-dimensional virtual models of historical artifacts from the collection. Using photogrammetry (the art and science of extracting 3D information from photographs), students digitized about a dozen artifacts using cellphones to capture the images and computers to process them. This ongoing educational project will give visitors the ability to interact with artifacts in ways they’ve never been able to before—observe them from multiple perspectives, zooming in on details, and even taking a look inside. The digitized objects will be on display in an arcade cabinet custom-designed by students and also on display will be the artifacts which were scanned. The objects from the collection were chosen to inform the grade 10 history curriculum, as well as to offer students an opportunity to take a closer look at technology, fashion, and toys from the region’s past.