This set of projections accompanies the two events:
"Inside the Artist's Studio: A Visit with GardenShip & State In Creation" - Saturday, November 21, 5:00 pm
"Around the Kitchen Table: Artists talk" - Monday, November 23, 7:00 pm

Artists’ Images and Videos by:
Ron Benner, Lori Blondeau, Sean Caulfield, Paul Chartrand, Tom Cull, Michael Farnan, Jamelie Hassan, Sharmistha Kar, Jessica Karuhanga, Mark Kasumovic, Patrick Mahon, Mary Mattingly, Quinn Smallboy, Ashley Snook, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Wilson

Featuring work by seventeen contemporary artists, and supported by the texts of several scholar-writers, the forthcoming exhibition, GardenShip and State (September to December 2021) will be a multi-sensory experience that inhabits the Ivey Galleries at Museum London, and spills into adjacent areas of the Museum, inside and out. Comprising textiles, photography, sculpture, video, and installation, the exhibition emphasizes environmental critique and decolonization through projects that are aesthetically rich and culturally complex.

GardenShip and State is an artistic research project conceived at the intersection of environmental approaches, decolonial ideas, and artistic practice. It examines urgent issues confronting us today: climate change and global warming and the measures states and non-state actors can, or should, take to resolve them. These challenges are of global concern because local actions and global effects are intertwined. Therefore the project is very much situated in London ON, and the region, but is outward-looking in connecting artistic work and community, locally, nationally and internationally. 

The slide show features two images or videos by each of 17 artists. Some show works-in-progress, while others indicate the connection between the larger practice of the artist and the specific themes of GardenShip and State. Following from the panel discussion being presented by 8 members of the group at the WORDS festival, on Saturday Nov. 21 at 5:00 p.m., this spectacular presentation through the rear windows of the Museum will give fascinating visual evidence of an exciting exhibition in the making!

Image: Lori Blondeau