Featured Speakers: Ron Benner, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Wilson, Lori Blondeau, Mark Kasumovic, Quinn Smallboy, Patrick Mahon, and writer-historian Joan Greer

GardenShip and State is an artistic research project conceived at the intersection of environmental critique, decolonial theory, and artistic practice. It is motivated by timely questions: 

(1) How can widespread environmental issues be approached democratically, to address complex and often competing claims by differing communities? 

(2) Can art broaden awareness and stimulate individual and collective agency in the face of urgent environmental and colonial problems? 

GardenShip and State is the title of a major forthcoming exhibition scheduled at Museum London (Sept. – Dec. 2021) that will involve 20 artists and scholars from across Canada and internationally. Join the artists and a writer, on zoom, from within their studios and workspaces, as they show us their works-in-progress, and together discuss their artistic processes and shared aims regarding GardenShip’s themes.