Join artist Angela Van Velzer as we explore a year in the life of a tree. Canada is turning 153 years old in 2020.  What does a year feel like to you?  Look at the shape, colour, and number of rings in a tree to consider its lived time.  Excavate through piles of old paper wrap, newsprint, cards, notes or maps around the house to make a tree ring collage of your own lived history. 

Recommended Materials:
1. many sheets of construction paper/coloured cardstock/painted paper/newsprint/old school notes
2. scissor
3. glue
4. markers/oil pastel/pencil crayon/crayon
5. mount on matte board, wood panel, glass, or cardstock

Optional Materials: 
-yarn/string/thread and needle
-black ink pen/marker/magazine cut out words
-Painted Paper: If you have old scraps of paper (old school notes, newspaper, maps) why not give them a second life with adding paint (watercolour or acrylic) to give them a lift. Prep these before carrying out the art project as the paper will need time to dry.