"Aimez-vous Brahms?"

Magisterra's all-star evening at Museum London features guest pianist, Kyoko Hasimoto (Montreal, QC), and world-famous violist and composer, Vladimir Mendelssohn, who joins us from the Netherlands, where he is a professor at the Royal Conservatory Den Haag and at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen (DE).

Vierne’s Piano Quintet in c minor is a vast, powerful work wrought by the love of a father for his deceased son in the wake of Europe’s First World War. This passionate memorial to Vierne's 17-year-old son—whose voluntary conscription to battle led him to untimely death—was crafted to, “stir up in the depths of every father’s heart the most profound fibres of love for a fallen son.” With it, he sought not simply to bury his beloved child in blithe resignation, but “in a roaring of thunder.”

Heroic and sweeping melodies weave in and out of Brahms’ iconic g minor Piano Quartet, which displays Brahms’ full spectrum of musical qualities from introspective to rousing. The dreamy, sprawling melodies of the first three movements culminate in an explosive, triumphant fourth movement. The quartet's Hungarian-style finale is one of the most famous of its kind, and has assured this piece a permanent place among the great masterworks of the Western canon.

Ticket prices:
$30 - Adult
$25 - Senior
$15 - Student (with I.D.)
$10 - Child (under 10 years)
$60 - Magisterra at the Museum Young Adult Pass (subscription to the entire 6-part series for those 30 years and under)

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