3rd Wednesday every month:
Cost: Suggested donation of $5 per child

Explore: Sound! This month we will tour The Art of Music exhibit to see paintings done by London students who made pictures inspired by music and musicians. During the workshop we will experiment using a makey makey which creates sound out of ordinary objects. Then we'll get busy imagining musical scales in colour, painting our own watercolour rainbows using crayon resist techniques.

What is Expo Explore?

Intended for at-home parents and caregivers with children (homeschool), these fun-filled and educational afternoons include a different exhibition visit each month followed by a related art-making activity. This season, we’ll look at the Museum's permanent collection of paintings, learn about the history of hair and create our own wigs, explore the art of music, paper crafts and more!

Suggested $5 donation per child. Program designed for children ages 6 - 12. Wheelchair accessible.

Image credit: Olivia Carryon, Grade 11, CCH.