Due to COVID-19, Museum London's Public Annual General Meeting where the Museum London Volunteer Awards are usually presented has been rescheduled.  Nominations for the Museum London Volunteer Awards will remain open until two weeks prior to the new Public Annual General Meeting date.  The new deadline for nominations will be announced here once the Public Annual General Meeting date is determined. 

Nominations can be received by e-mail, post, or electronic form. Please read the rules below the electronic form before submitting your nominee.

E-mail using a nomination form, downloadable below.


ATTN.: Brian Meehan
Museum London
421 Ridout St. N.
London, ON N6A 5H4


by filling out the electronic form below.

(Name of Nominee)
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  1. Individuals cannot nominate themselves.
  2. Individuals can be nominated by an employee, volunteer, trustee of the organization, or a member of the general public.
  3. Individuals may nominate more than one volunteer for each award.
  4. For every volunteer nominated, a separate nomination package must be submitted.
  5. The nominees must be current volunteers or past volunteers within one previous year.
  6. Permission must be sought from the person nominated.
  7. Personal details provided on the nomination form may be passed on to partner organizations and to the media for publicity purposes. If you are not willing for any information to be shared in this way or if you do not wish media organizations to contact the nominee or nominator, please let us know as soon as possible.
  8. Previous winners of the Phyllis Cohen Award or Museum London Volunteer of Year Award, or the Emerging Volunteer Award are not eligible for nomination.
  9. The Volunteer Committee of the Board’s decision on entries is final. The Committee reserves the right not to present an award if they determine that nominations are not suitable.