Bob Mc Kaskell

Still from exhibition video for The Embassy Cultural House, 1983 to 1990. View video at the bottom of this page

Museum London warmly remembers art historian, curator, and writer Robert McKaskell, who passed away on June 30th, 2020. Born in Montreal in 1943, Bob received degrees in music and comparative arts from Acadia University, Indiana State University, and Ohio State University. He taught for several years in the United States, then joined the University of Western Ontario in 1974. Here he taught contemporary art theory and criticism, and participated in the engaging art community with artists including Rae Davis, Jamelie Hassan, Fern Helfand, Sandra Semchuk, Kim Moodie, David Merritt, and many others. As Hassan notes, Bob was “a huge supporter of both Canadian and international artists, and had a commitment to challenging art practices including conceptual art, performance works, and independent artists' projects.”

While in London, Bob was involved in programming at The Embassy Cultural House, the Forest City Gallery, Museum London, and the McIntosh Gallery. He later became curator at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Windsor, and Glenbow Museum in Calgary. In each community he made strong friendships and contributions to the arts scene.

Since 2002 Bob had worked as an independent curator. He lived in Port Dover, Ontario, and Oaxaca, Mexico. In Oaxaca he recently initiated a program of exhibitions of regional artists. His friends and colleagues knew him for his commitment to art and friendship, his erudition, and terrific sense of humour.  Our condolences go out to Bob’s husband Hugh, son Chris and his family, and his extended circle of family and friends.