Summer Bressette

Summer Bressette. Mural in background: Billy Bert Young, Mitosis at the Forks (detail), 2017

We are honoured to welcome Summer Bressette (Niiobinesiik) to the team at Museum London as Indigenous Legacies Project Manager. She joins us thanks to funding from the London Community Foundation and will be instrumental in creating Indigenous programming for the Museum, and specifically Centre at the Forks. At the moment she is collaborating with community organizations and influencers on how to take actions on issues addressed in the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

By finding out where the missing gaps are in London’s Indigenous cultural programming she will be creating moments for the community-at-large to learn about and share Indigenous culture. Summer’s strong ties with local Indigenous communities provide a base on which to build long-term sustainable projects. These projects, presentations, and exhibitions will reflect the diverse histories and values of the local Indigenous and First Nations peoples. 

We are pleased to welcome Summer to this exciting and very important initiative and look forward to working with her now and in the future.

Raymond Deleary, Executive Director Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services

Once opened, the Centre at the Forks addition will serve the purpose of bringing London back to Eshkaani-ziibi, also known as Thames River, by creating a place for people to see the river in its glory and solidify its position as a part of our heritage. During her second year with us, Summer will be creating Indigenous programming to activate the Centre at the Forks. Additionally, Summer is continuously contributing to the Museum by educating staff and patrons on aspects of Indigenous culture that are being implemented throughout the organization like performing smudging ceremonies and creating a land acknowledgement that is now featured in our public communications.

Summer has a Masters of Professional Education from the Faculty of Education at Western University and previous to Museum London, was a part of the Indigenous Services team at the University. During her time there, she coordinated the Wholistic Wellness Program and facilitated workshops that focused on Indigenous food and medicines, land-based learning, and traditional approaches to mindfulness and well-being.

Museum London is proud to have the opportunity to work alongside someone as community-oriented and knowledgeable as Summer. Please stay tuned for all the great things she will be contributing in the future.