In preparation for the launch of the Centre at the Forks (CATF) later this year, we want to take a moment and highlight some of our community partners that have helped actualize our vision to bring London back to the Thames River (Eshkani-ziibi). The CATF will give us more room so we can expand upon our current programming and give the public a new river-side multi-use space that all can enjoy.

Inspired by Museum London's commitment to arts and history, Lerners LLP have generously contributed to the CATF fundraising campaign as an investment in London's future. The Lerners LLP Catwalk is named in recognition of their forward thinking and willingness to support local initiatives.

As a member of the London community for over 85 years, Lerners LLP takes great interest and pride in supporting the communities in which we live and work. We are proud to support Museum London’s Centre at the Forks project and their dedication to promoting the knowledge and enjoyment of regional art, culture and history.

Graham Porter, Managing Partner, Lerners LLP

The Lerners LLP Catwalk is a wheelchair accessible connection from the Centre Gallery to the second floor of The Pod located in the middle of the CATF. The first floor of The Pod will host support services while the second floor will be home to whatever the community dreams up: artist residency, meeting space, classroom, etc.


Lerners LLP Catwalk during construction

We would like to thank all our supporters for making what we do at the Museum a reality! Please stay tuned to learn about more of the great work our community partners are doing.

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