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As we're putting the final touches on the Centre at the Forks, and the weather is just starting to get cooler, we want to thank some of the organizations that made this project possible! Good Foundation Inc. have been long-time supporters of the Museum and it is their organization which made it possible for a beautiful new terrace to be built on our west grounds. Please join us on Sunday, September 30 at 1:00 pm for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Centre at the Forks.

Good Foundation Inc. has worked with Museum London in various ways over the past decade and more. It helped establish the Museum London Foundation, has sponsored several exhibitions, and has collaborated on a number of projects including most recently "Look! An Opera in 9 Paintings." We were able to chat with Good Foundation President, James Milton Good, about what the Museum means to their organization.

Museum London has been a cornerstone of London's cultural construct since I arrived here in 1960. It documents and shapes how we view ourselves, and also our artistic tastes and trends. It helps show us who we think we are, but also provides a context to push back against. I see Museum London as a place for dialogue and friendly confrontation, and applaud any attempts to make it even more open and welcoming than it already is.

James Milton Good, President of Good Foundation Inc.

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