Ken Andrews

The Centre at the Forks capital campaign officially launched in September with the goal to raise 3.5 million dollars to build a dynamic new learning space in the Museum. Ten months into the initiative, a prominent figure in the campaign shares his experience. Ken Andrews is a community leader and former executive director of Huron University College Foundation. He is co-chair of the Centre's campaign and he believes the new space will play a vital role in London's civic life. 

The campaign officially launched in September. How is it progressing?

We're making remarkable progress. When you break it down, what we have raised is more than 62% of the objective. We are closing in on the goal to complete the construction. I've been impressed by the organisations, corporations and individuals in town who recognise and appreciate the role that the Museum plays in the cultural life of London and downtown in particular. 

We're making remarkable progress. We are closing in on the goal to complete the construction.

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Construction work continues on the new Centre. 

What do you hope the new space will accomplish? 

Once the new space opens, the Museum will have a bigger role in the perception to which it contributes to the civic life of the city. Museum London plays a vital role in the cultural fabric here. The Centre at the Forks will ensure that we're seen as much more integral to downtown and the rejuvenation of the Forks of the Thames. 

This project creates an opportunity to reach out to those people who don't know that the Museum is for them and to give them a sense of ownership of cultural life in London. 

The most dynamic factor to me about this campaign is that people are really contributing towards enrichment and vitality of the heart of the city.

Interior View Of Learning Center R5

Once installed, a large glass window will allow visitors to see the river from inside the new space. 

When the Centre opens in 2018, what is the first thing you're going to do? 

I'm looking forward to thanking everyone who has made the Centre possible. The campaign team, staff, and the community have stepped up to make it a reality. Once they are thanked, I'm going to look out over the Thames River through the Centre's new window. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Museum has shifted towards the city and created a more engaging space. 

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