The Museum London Foundation, a registered charitable institution with the Canada Revenue Agency, receives gifts of supporters of Museum London and manages endowments, or capital funds, which benefit the Museum.

The Museum London Foundation is fortunate to have friends and supporters who have contributed to the general endowment or have established named endowments that further the Museum’s mission of bringing art, artifacts and people together for enjoyment, learning and inspiring creativity.

Endowed gifts are increasingly important as they provide stability for the future. They insure that there is financial support for the Museum’s work in education, exhibition planning and programming.

Creating an Endowment in the Museum London Foundation

The gift that keeps on giving

Making a gift to Museum London Foundation in the form of an endowment can resonate for generations in the life of the institution. It is 'the gift that keeps on giving,' benefiting the London community so that everyone can enjoy Museum London now and in the future.

Put simply, an endowment is a capital fund which the donor establishes that resides in the Museum London Foundation. Each year, a percentage of one's total fund is paid out towards the area of the Museum which the donor chooses to support.

An endowment in the Museum London Foundation creates a permanent fund of capital that can be named for the donor, the donor’s family, or an organization for example. Each year a portion of the market value of the endowment is paid out in support of a program, art acquisition or exhibition, agreed to by the donor and Museum London. Investment growth and any additional donations increase the value of the fund, and in turn the financial support provided from the endowment each year. Gifts to establish an endowment may be made over a multi-year period.

These funds strengthen Museum London’s financial stability and give donors the confidence of knowing that a continuing endowment is in place to support their area of interest at the Museum.

Additional benefits to establishing an endowment:

  • the donor receives an annual report on the performance of the endowment and how the endowment supported the Museum.
  • endowments contribute to Museum London's financial well-being and security, providing an ongoing stream of revenue in support of the Museum.
  • endowments can be established with a gift of $10,000 or more, depending on the area the fund supports, and can be named in honour of the donor or another person or group as mentioned. A gift to establish an endowment can be made over up to five years.

In addition, many donors arrange for a planned gift such as a bequest in one's will which can be directed to the endowment they establish.

An endowment is 'the gift that keeps on giving'. As such, endowments are increasing in popularity as a way to make possible an ongoing, very personal gift to Museum London that will help establish dynamic programs, present inspiring exhibitions, and encourage the growth of the collection for future generations to enjoy.