The Museum London Foundation is grateful for the generous support of patrons and supporters who have established endowments to provide ongoing support for exhibitions, collections and programs at Museum London.

Join us in celebrating and supporting London’s visual arts and heritage artifacts. Learn more about the Foundation and how, through your participation, you can help promote dynamic programs, present inspiring exhibitions, and encourage the growth of our collection for future generations to enjoy.


Public funding for museums has always been important. At the same time, Museum London has benefited greatly from the support of individuals and organizations over the years who believe in Museum London’s commitment to the cultural life and vitality of London and Southwestern Ontario.

Museum London has always been an interactive place, adapting and amending its collections, exhibits and programs. Long-term funding is vital for sustainability and innovation.

We have identified the following as priority areas for Museum London to deepen the visitor experience and advance its reputation as a lively, creative cultural centre that inspires, encourages and engages the community.

  • Art Acquisition
  • Exhibition Costs
  • Education and Programs
  • Universal Accessibility
  • Technology
  • Capital, Building and Refurbishments

We are recruiting new Museum London Foundation Board Members

The Museum London Foundation Board is recruiting new members. Established in 2004, the Museum London Foundation is a non-profit registered charity that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is responsible for all philanthropic activities in support of the long-term objectives of Museum London. Its work enables the Museum to better serve the community by providing opportunities for those who are interested in making a charitable gift to the Museum through the establishment of an endowment fund.

Foundation Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Determine, review and support the Foundation’s Strategic Plan.
  2. Determine, review and support the Foundation’s mission and purpose.
  3. Understand and articulate the Museum’s value, programs and services.
  4. Raise funds to support Museum London operations and strategic plan from their community/Foundation’s network on an annual basis.
  5. Ensure sound fiscal and risk management process for the Foundation.
  6. Understand and support the relationship between the Foundation, Operating Board, and the employees of the Museum.
  7. Enhance the Museum’s image and brand in the community.
  8. Support the Foundation and the Museum by attending the majority of Board Meetings and Museum functions.
  9. Recruit, select and orient new Board members that align with our Strategic Plan, mission and purpose.
  10. Each Board member is expected to make an annual financial contribution to the Museum London Foundation.

Board members will join the Foundation for a term of three (3) years with the ability to seek approval for a second term of three (3) years.

Interested parties can contact Brian Meehan at