Creative Sunday
Expo Explore
WCS Art Appreciation Course - In the Footsteps of the Impressionists: The Suburbs of Paris
Nihilist Spasm Band 50th Anniversary Concert with Joe McPhee
Culture Days Visible Storage Tours
Culture Days at Museum London
Food For Thought with Growing Chefs! Ontario
Day Camp: Fall Harvest
Creative Sunday
Adult Art Class: Printmaking
Expo Explore
Adult Art Class: Drawing the Nude
All You Can Eat: A Symposium on Food
Adult Art Class: Acrylic Painting
WCS Art Appreciation Course - Canadian Art, Eh?
Creative Sunday
Two-Course Films: Food, Inc. & Chef
Expo Explore
Two-Course Films: The Fruit Hunters & Fed Up
Day Camp: Back to the Land
Two-Course Films: Just Eat It & Haute Cuisine
Two-Course Films: Deli Man & The Trip to Italy
Expo Explore
Day Camp: Press On
March Break Camp: Pressing Issues
Day Camp: Exquisite Corpse

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