Walking Tours: From Castles to Cottages
Summer Camp: The Paper Chase
Walking Tours: Monuments and Memorials
Summer Camp: Wild Things
Walking Tours: Public Art
Summer Camp: Masters of Modernism
Walking Tours: Forest City Modern
9th Annual Corn Roast
Walking Tours: Unsettling the Thames
Creative Sunday
Expo Explore
WCS Art Appreciation Course - In the Footsteps of the Impressionists: The Suburbs of Paris
Nihilist Spasm Band 50th Anniversary Concert with Joe McPhee
Culture Days at Museum London
Food For Thought with Growing Chefs! Ontario
Day Camp: Fall Harvest
Creative Sunday
Adult Art Class: Printmaking
Expo Explore
Adult Art Class: Drawing the Nude
All You Can Eat: A Symposium on Food
Adult Art Class: Acrylic Painting
WCS Art Appreciation Course - Canadian Art, Eh?
Creative Sunday
Two-Course Films: Food, Inc. & Chef
Expo Explore
Two-Course Films: The Fruit Hunters & Fed Up
Day Camp: Back to the Land
Two-Course Films: Just Eat It & Haute Cuisine
Two-Course Films: Deli Man & The Trip to Italy
Expo Explore
Day Camp: Press On
March Break Camp: Pressing Issues
Day Camp: Exquisite Corpse

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